Employee Communications Audit

Employee Communications Audit-No additional charge for the client

The Employee Communications Audit provides employers an assessment of the cost and value of their current communication strategy and materials. The audit identifies all of the benefits communication costs for the employer. Fortunately, the benefits communication audit requires minimal time or resources by the client and is at no additional charge.

Armed with a “true” employee communications budget number, MPS will develop a 12-month employee communications strategy that is accessible and relevant for every segment of your employee population.

What does MPS need in order to conduct the audit?

  • ♦  MPS needs a copy of all the employee communication materials that includes both print and digital versions.

What could MPS uncover while conducting the audit?

  • ♦  MPS may uncover an inefficient use of funds such as communication seldom used or valued by the employee.
  • ♦  Hidden expenditures for communication labeled “free” by the provider.

What are the benefits if you decide to engage MPS for this assessment?

  • ♦  After the audit, we review the findings and make recommendations for the allocation of the employee communications budget.
  • ♦  MPS will provide a formal proposal with a project plan, measurements of success and an estimate of expenses.
  • ♦  A 12-month employee communications strategy that strengthens the performance of your health & wellness programs.

Employee Message Center: Enjoy the flexibility of sending broadcast messages to the entire company or segmenting your messages for smaller groups of employees.