Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

Video-In-Print Brochure

Video-In-Print Brochure (VIP)

This technology uses extremely high-quality video packaged in a visually engaging brochure. VIP generates results by using innovative design and graphics to communicate your marketing and promotion message. 

Digital Books

Digital Books

Create interactive Digital books with audios and videos to provide a more relevant user experience to your targeted audience. We tailor content and design development to the unique characteristics of your employee population or consumer market segment. 

3D Animation: The Brain

3D Animation

From story-telling to technical animations, MPS will work with you to provide 3D visualizations that entertain, educate and engage your viewers. Whether you are looking for a basic 3D colorless sketch or a more detailed, realistic 3D animation, MPS will work with you for your 3D needs. 

2D Animation: Weight Watchers

2D Animation

MPS creates engaging video content that is easy to understand even when the subject matter is complex. We will provide the initial concepts, script development, and story boards that are the road map for any video. 

Webinar Hosting


Let MPS manage, promote, host and moderate your next webinar. Allowing you to boost your revenue, minimize your costs and develop lucrative relationships with clients and industry-leaders. 

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

MPS digital expertise will help you create an email marketing campaign that best suits your message. Our creative team will craft engaging content to help you stay top of mind. MPS will make sure your email is worthwhile to read!