Document Repository

Build, Organize and Maintain Your Records Database

Over time your files may become disorganized to the point where information is no longer accessible and accurate for your employees. A disorganized file system costs your business money, reduces productivity and increases employee frustration.

Here are some signs that your files may need to be restructured:

  1. Inconsistent folder structures and file naming convention throughout your filing system
  2. Version control issues caused by multiple copies of documents
  3. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanned data is incorrect or missing

MPS offers a file repository application that structures your folders and files at the point the information is placed into the document repository.

The repository has the ability to access folders, document templates and document text by employee role. You can delegate management of document repositories and workflows to dedicated department administrators. A document repository benefits include but not limited to: continuous backups of your files, access files anytime/anywhere, share files easily, unlimited storage, client portals, version control, OCR.

File repository for computer access

Integration Services

Laserfiche repository allows you to adjust to changing business conditions by reprocessing documents already in your existing document repository / repositories. In addition, you can develop custom solutions that fit your departmental or enterprise needs. Our experienced and certified developers will help ensure your organization extend the use and capabilities of your legacy system.

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