Employee Message Center

The Employee Message Center


Employee Message CenterThe Employee Message Center (EMC) is a digital communication platform designed to deliver customized messages that are more relevant and accessible to every part of your employee population. Enjoy the flexibility of sending broadcast messages to the entire company or segmenting your messages for smaller groups of employees. This level of control over your employee communication makes each message more meaningful and valuable to the employee.

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The administrative tools of the EMC allow the user to segment the employee population by multiple criteria including location, department, benefits elections and demographic attributes. These criteria can be custom configured at the time the EMC platform is installed.

The employee uses [two factor] login authentication to keep your employee communication secure. The EMC dashboard is easy to use and highly intuitive. It provides the employee access to important communication anytime, anywhere on their PC or mobile device.

One Simple Goal: provide accessible, relevant communication for every segment of your employee population. For more details concerning the Employee Message Center, please call 610.539.2300 or email us at [email protected]

Employee Digital Communications: Use a digital guide as part of your employee communication strategy.