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Employee Communications

Step back and take a look at Employee Communications as more than a once-a-year event. Let MPS design a communication strategy customized for the unique attributes of your organization and employee population. We can develop a coordinated roadmap of continual, consistent communication to achieve your Benefits Plan design goals. The MPS process adapts proven project management tools and techniques into a simple process. The result is a cost-effective and scalable solution that delivers custom communication to speak directly to your target audience(s).

Health & Wellness

Communication is vital to your corporate wellness program. Successful implementation of the workplace health program depends, in large part, on how the employees react to the changes. Even the slightest misunderstanding can result in major disruptions. Regular and consistent communication is a vital component of the overall program and fosters an organizational commitment to employee health. Employees are key stakeholders and should be informed of the program’s purpose; the actions taken; the reasons for and results of those actions.

Printing & Mailing

MPS has state-of-the-art presses which deliver offset quality products on demand, without the associated setup and plate charges. MPS is known to use the best equipment and the best materials to produce documents with crisp text and graphics quickly & efficiently. No matter what you’re looking for with your promotional material, from signs to posters, brochures, flyers, or banners, you’ll receive the utmost quality at affordable prices. Not only does MPS create and design your piece, we oversee production and implement list purchase, labeling, pre-sort and final mailing.

Archiving & Document Management

MPS offers clients the opportunity to convert paper-based or microfiche records into searchable PDF files. The conversion process is conducted at the client site to minimize interruptions to daily operations. We protect your employee files from a catastrophic event such as fire or flood by backing up digital files to a secure site. We provide Custom communication solutions that save businesses time, money and resources.

Creative Services

MPS has experienced graphic designers that can create a new look, or reinforce your existing brand. We have creative talent that produces designs with powerful messages and lasting impressions. We design the perfect visual approach to convey the right message to your target audience. Our team actively plans with other cross-channel experts to generate a seamless integration of pertinent visuals and compelling experiences.

Strategy & Branding

Are your current marketing results treading water? Do you want better results? The secret to getting ahead is getting out of your comfort zone. We specialize in helping companies communicate their distinct brand. Get started on your new custom-made strategy with MPS Communications. We will make your brand fierce and you will become fearless like us!

Our Approach is Secure, Compliant, and Efficient in Producing Quality Outcomes Without Fail!

Client First Approach

At MPS, we embody a client first approach which means the customer and their experience become part of our company’s purpose and mission. We work diligently to understand our clients’ marketing communication needs and craft tailored solutions. MPS consistently delivers exceptional outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively through meticulous processes and project management.

Secure Infrastructure & Quality Process

MPS understands the sensitive data involved with industry regulated communications. Our secure facility and system infrastructure are verified through our SOC 2 Type II annual audit. It confirms that we effectively manage and protect client data throughout its lifecycle. In addition to our secure facility, MPS maintains stringent multi-point quality assurance procedures throughout each project to ensure 100% communication and mailing accuracy.

Experiential Marketers

MPS recognizes that each industry vertical has its unique characteristics, challenges, and opportunities that are shaped by diverse regulatory frameworks, market trends, and competitive landscapes. Comprehending these industry verticals is fundamental for crafting customized strategies, business objectives, and solutions that align with the specific needs of clients target markets. Our extensive expertise spans across a variety of sectors, with our portfolio continually expanding to accommodate evolving markets.

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“MPS Communications will help you build a cohesive and an effective brand, bringing your organization closer to your customers and audience; we will help you drive sales through awareness. We have a team of experts who think outside the box in the fields of design, copywriting, data analytics, sales and more. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, MPS provides custom marketing communication solutions that save your business time, money and resources. We will make your business stand out from the crowd!”


Michael Sommar,


Meet Our Team

What makes MPS Communications different?

We are a team of skilled marketing, design and communication professionals who collaborate with you to provide high-quality services at an affordable cost. We combine design, marketing and technology in a way that gives you a competitive advantage in today's market.

MPS works endlessly to learn all we can about your company and business objectives. We consider ourselves more like an extension of your company rather than an independent entity.

Words About Us

Who We Are

MPS is a leader in crafting tailored marketing communications that adhere to rigorous regulatory and compliance standards. We collaborate with our clients to design, coordinate, and optimize their marketing communications while providing them a suite of print and digital formats for seamless distribution.

Working with MPS

MPS Communications helps you by bringing your organization closer to your customers and audience, and drives sales through awareness. We guide clients through the development process to create a clear picture of your target customer.

Our Team

MPS Communications has an experienced staff with a passion for design, branding, technology and communications. We employ outstanding people with diverse backgrounds, skills, ideas and cultures who offer new ways of thinking and assisting in our clients’ success.