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MPS Communications is a full-service marketing communications company. Michael Sommar is the President and Founder of MPS Communications and brings over 30 years of leadership experience to our clients and our team. Michael’s range of experience has given him opportunities to work in all types of industries.

MPS provides results-oriented strategic thinking and creative execution across your brand. MPS will help you build a cohesive and an effective brand, bringing your organization closer to your customers and audience, and help drive sales through awareness.

We have a team of experts who think outside the box in the fields of design, copywriting, data analytics, sales, and more. The combination of these diverse backgrounds with a fearless sense of the possible is what sets MPS apart from other agencies. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, MPS provides cost-effective solutions to drive performance, build your brand and increase revenue. We will make your business stand out from the crowd.

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MPS helps your organization build a memorable brand that makes your message more meaningful to the many segments of your audience. The foundation of our success relies heavily on market research and analysis to drive the creative process. The first and most important step in any project is identifying a mission; analyzing the situation; setting objectives; developing a marketing strategy; and planning for evaluation. We help our clients understand the process that we deploy to achieve the highest degree of accuracy, security and service for all of their needs. This is what a “client first” culture delivers.

MPS Communications: powerful strategic thinking and strong creative thinking and execution

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Our Work: MPS helps clients craft messaging that strengthens their brand.