Every client's challenge is unique, and so is our approach. No matter how many examples we provide, or what we might say to convince you of the quality of our work, those who say it best are those who have already received our services. MPS Communications is a team of skilled marketing, design and communications professionals who collaborate with you to provide high-quality services at an affordable cost.

Listening to our clients is what we do. It all comes down to what we communicate about our client’s brand: How we say it, Who we say it to, and What others say once they get your message.

Sending MPS Communications a file for your next strategic project


How To Send Us A File
MPS upgraded our online services to deliver a better user experience across a wide range of platforms. The new Citrix Sharefile system will have familiar conventions like “Files to MPS” and “Files from MPS” folders, but other processes will be different. As your project is being launched, your MPS CSR will create a folder on the server for transfer of files for that project. You will be sent an email “invitation” by the CSR to access the account. In that email will be a link to activate the account. Click on the link. It will take you to the new MPS file transfer site and start a wizard to set up your account.

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