Our Secure Process

At MPS, ensuring the security of our clients' sensitive data is our top priority. MPS integrates robust data security measures with stringent protocols and cyber insurance to effectively address all vulnerability concerns with confidence. Our commitment to secure communication guarantees uninterrupted access, maintains data integrity, and upholds confidentiality throughout the network. With our secure facility and systems, we effectively manage and protect data throughout its lifecycle.

MPS confidently verifies the effectiveness of our security controls with our annual SOC 2 Type II audit. It confirms that MPS adheres to rigorous standards for the storage and protection of customer data, including personally identifiable information (PII). These practices include strict procedures and information-security policies that govern the access, availability, processing, and confidentiality of both our customer data, and the systems that house it. The attestation serves as a pledge to our clients and partners that we spare no effort in safeguarding their data and systems.

In addition to our facility and system safeguards, MPS adds an additional layer of protection with cyber insurance. Our policy assists in managing and transferring the financial and operational risks associated with cyber threats. Rest assured MPS takes every precaution to ensure all assets are secure from unauthorized access, cyberattacks, data breaches, and other security threats.

Simply put, our approach is secure, compliant, and validated in producing quality outcomes without fail!

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Our Secure Process
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