Video-In-Print Technology

VIP (Video-In-Print) represents the latest in technology and software development – all designed to make delivery of video content engaging and seamless to the end user. MPS designs and creates VIP products. MPS embeds high quality video screens into any form of print media, such as a brochure, insert, counter display or book.

The benefits of VIP:

VIP generates results by using cutting edge design and graphics to communicate your marketing and promotion message.

  1. MPS has experienced graphic designers who can create a new look, or reinforce your existing brand.
  2. VIP is a new media channel which allows users to access video content anywhere.
  3. There is no need for connectivity or expensive devices.
  4. VIP marketing solutions are an affordable way to maximize video engagement.

It’s easy to think that all Video-In-Print is the same. Why is our VIP the best?

MPS utilizes only the newest Grade A components to provide the sharpest image and the most engaging experience for viewers. Our proprietary Tru-Def™ (first-generation) screen contains 300% more pixels than the industry standard, which results in brighter colors, higher resolution, greater contrast and a wider viewing angle. Our second-generation screens added the technologically advanced IPS (In Plane Switching) LCD technology vs older TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD screens. IPS provides a better user experience because of its wider angle and enhanced color quality. We utilize a 40mm speaker vs smaller 28mm speakers our competitors use. We are the only manufacturer that finishes their product with a FILM lamination vs aqueous coating to allow for more vivid colors and a more durable coating.

Did you know? MPS produces corporate and promotional videos for your brand.