Outdoor Play Equipment

Project Description


MPS’ creative marketing campaigns and approach redefines the client’s story and engages their key audiences.  Generating new leads and deepening existing relationships is the goal.



A distributor of children’s outdoor play equipment wanted to increase sales for all of their locations. Each location contained a showroom of the most popular equipment for children to play on before making a purchase.



The equipment’s tactile appeal provided the greatest motivation for the parents to purchase. Therefore, MPS recommended an experiential marketing campaign to maximize the children’s physical interaction with the equipment.



The marketing campaign used a standard real estate tactic for direct mail by selecting 5 addresses on either side of an existing customer and 10 addresses across the street. The strategy behind this tactic was to create awareness of the children playing on the equipment among the adjacent households. This increased the perceived value of the equipment as a positive experience for the children.


The direct mail campaign included another experiential opportunity by announcing Friday and Saturday play dates at each of the locations. The party-like atmosphere created by the scores of children playing together strengthened the purchasing decision for the parents because they saw the positive value of the social interaction for their child’s development.



Friday mornings at the location near our office looks like game day at college football game as scores of children run laughing and skipping into the showroom.


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