Delaware Health Network

Project Description


MPS successfully implemented a workplace health program to help improve the health of the workforce.  Consistent communication is a vital component of the overall program and fosters an organizational commitment to employee health.



A large Delaware health network wanted to create a culture of wellness in support of their employees. They needed to engage a communications partner to develop messaging that promoted participation in their wellness programs.



MPS started by analyzing aggregated benefits usage with an overlay of research-tested intervention programs data. The combination of the two data sources identified several preventable morbidities as candidates for the launch of the wellness campaign.



To develop messaging that resonated with large segments of the employee population required a multi-channel delivery system. Part of the messaging included a 6-panel brochure with a wellness calendar that highlighted events throughout the year. The brochure featured a motivational letter from the CEO that introduced the theme of a culture of wellness. Other articles in the brochure addressed practical ways for the employees to make healthier choices for diet and exercise. The brochure was mailed to each employee’s household to engage the entire family in support of the wellness programs.


In addition to the brochure and wellness calendar, MPS created customized videos using 2D animation applications. The format displayed on a series of large monitors that bisected the hospital cafeterias. The videos were constructed to communicate a complementary message for the current wellness events with animated text and graphics since the use of audio wasn’t a practical option for these locations.



The branding of the wellness programs under a consistent theme helped to establish the culture of wellness throughout the health network.


A subsequent addition to the program included a branded Wellness Website for all of the employees. The website serves as a single resource for each employee to log their wellness activities, sign up for events and monitor their overall wellness score.


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