Pennsylvania Power Company

Project Description


MPS creates digital guides with audios and videos that provide relevant communication to your targeted audience. They help your employees make more informed decisions for their benefits elections while providing a media rich user experience.



A major Pennsylvania utility wanted to move from a paper-based employee benefits communication program to a digital format that offered video and audio capabilities. Also, the digital format needed to be compatible with their benefits provider’s Open Enrollment platform.



MPS analyzed the current benefits package including voluntary insurance products to determine candidates for audio and video treatments. The client reviewed the recommendations and made selections for audio and video production. Also, MPS suggested a redesign of the benefits guide to provide the employees easier reading and navigation of the digital Flipbook application.



MPS provided an updated look for the benefits guide that used a cleaner, simpler approach to paragraph styles with complementary design elements. The audio and video treatments added relevant life-stage explanations of specific benefits chosen by the client. During the Open Enrollment process, the employee accessed the digital benefits guide in real-time to make more informed decisions for their benefits elections.



The employees accessed the digital benefits guide while making benefits elections on the Open Enrollment platform. The digital Flipbook application used html5 for compatibility with the Open Enrollment platform and provided a consistent viewing experience across multiple browsers and operating systems.


The client chose MPS for the project based on the different media options available within the application and the ability to add features in successive years. This tiered product model allowed the project to stay within the annual budget and still provide a media rich user experience.


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