Who We Are

MPS Communications provides powerful strategic thinking and strong creative execution across your brand.
We are a full-service marketing communications company. We provide powerful strategic thinking and strong creative execution across your brand. You can count on MPS!


MPS Communications is a different kind of marketing company. We help your organization build a memorable brand that makes your message more meaningful to the many segments of your audience. The foundation of our success relies heavily on market research and analysis to drive the creative process. The first and most important step in any project is identifying a mission: analyzing the situation, setting objectives, developing a marketing strategy, and planning for evaluation. MPS provides cost-effective solutions to drive performance, build your brand and increase revenue.

Working with MPS

MPS Communications helps you build a cohesive and an effective brand, bringing your organization closer to your customers and audience, and drives sales through awareness. We guide clients through the development process to create a clear picture of your target customer. MPS gathers sufficient market research which allows your planning to be based on solid evidence and data, rather than hunches or emotion. We understand your pain points and establish a clear direction and unified purpose for all marketing efforts.

MPS has excellent customer loyalty because of our marketing and planning practices. Listening to our clients is what we do—because that’s how we form strong relationships. A successful marketing process is based upon sound understanding of what needs to be done, when to do it, what it would affect, how it is implemented, analyzed and measured.

What makes MPS Communications different?

We are a team of skilled marketing, design and communication professionals who collaborate with you to provide high-quality services at an affordable cost. We combine design, marketing and technology in a way that gives you a competitive advantage in today’s market.

MPS works endlessly to learn all we can about your company and business objectives. We consider ourselves more like an extension of your company rather than an independent entity. We are here to make your message meaningful.

Our Services: MPS Communications believes in providing effective, integrated solutions that improve brand development.

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