Archiving & Document Management

Transform The Way Information Is Managed And Shared

Manually sorting paper and electronic documents for processing, then applying metadata and creating folder structures to file them in, often requires full-time staff dedicated to electronic data entry and filing.

MPS has digitized thousands of images and records converted from paper and/or microfiche. Our team of seasoned professionals offers in-depth experience across the digitization of both paper and microfiche.

Digital Conversion Services

Most companies have mass printed documents stored, which requires expensive warehousing space. Retrieving these paper documents is problematic and time consuming. MPS's professional team provides total turnkey digital conversion solutions that include project management, design, supervision, and consultant services. The digital conversion project can be done at the clients' site or MPS secure location ensuring absolute confidentiality. Depending upon the clients' requirements, MPS can provide all hardware (document imaging scanners & computers) and the human resources necessary to execute the digital project.

Paper vs. Digital Analysis

The cost to store, retrieve and re-file these records is substantial.

  1. Make the business case for converting to a searchable PDF database
  2. MPS developed an interactive Investment Analysis calculator
  3. MPS video walks you through an example of the calculator in use

MPS HAS A BETTER SOLUTION: The calculator can provide the fiscal information necessary, to make the business case for approving the project.

Enter your own numbers into the calculator to see your annual cost savings.