Data Extraction


Extract the Value of Your Information

Extracting Data and creating the proper folder structures for filing often requires a dedicated full-time staff to manually sort both paper and electronic documents. MPS has a data extraction tool that quickly identifies fields on unsorted documents to streamline your data collection process.

The Benefits of Using Our Data Extraction Tool

Improve Accuracy
Minimizes errors due to manual sorting and data entry. This means that your important business decisions can be made with confidence.

Increase Productivity
Without manual data entry, your employees are spending more time on tasks that add value to your business, resulting in an increase in productivity.

Improve Visibility
Data extraction and automation give staff full visibility of vital records, simplifying the management of stored information and data.

Save Time
Data extraction and having the ability to query your searches will save your business that much needed time.

Reduce Costs
By automating lengthy and repetitive tasks, your business no longer needs to invest in hiring more staff, saving you both time and money in the long run.